Tuscan Igp Extra Virgin Olive Oil "colline Di Arezzo"

A classic of Italian cuisine produced in Tuscany, with a Valdichiana Aretina “variant”

In Tuscany, we are very keen on the production of high quality olive oils with a strong taste, which reflects the flavor of our land and our work. The name of Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil comes from the passion of Tuscan olive growers for this fundamental product in the Mediterranean and Tuscan diet, both for its frequent use and for its healthy and special organoleptic substances.

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And here, in Valdichiana Aretina, there is of course a vast production of Tuscan oil which, in its denomination, also has the additional mention of "Colline di Arezzo" (Arezzo hills), to express the peculiarity of EVO oil flavor produced in this part of Tuscany. The peculiarity of Valdichiana Aretina lies in its long and unique agricultural tradition, recognized right away by the Etruscans who used it as a "granary" for their population.


Consequently, each food and wine product of Valdichiana Aretina has a long tradition and certainly the EVO oil of this area is no exception. The taste of Tuscany with the nuance of Valdichiana Aretina will be the perfect mix for an excellent Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil "Colline di Arezzo".

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