The Chianina

The queen of beef has a name that tells the territory: the Chianina of Valdichiana

The Chianina is a bovine breed originating from Valdichiana. Known for its massive size and weight, it has held the record for the largest cattle breed in the world for well over 65 years. Its coat is porcelain white and, despite its size, it is a docile and gentle animal. We are talking about a unique product, a special land, an indigenous breed present since immemorial time in Valdichiana. Given its size, it was originally used as the "motor" of Tuscan agriculture.

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Today, the excellent quality of this meat is widely appreciated, it is also used as the basis of the famous Florentine steak, cooked for a short time on the grill: the taste of this meat is excellent even when almost raw. Chianina is a product known all over the world for the tenderness of its meat and its tasty, unique and unmistakable flavor. Valdichiana Aretina organizes various events to celebrate the importance of this docile animal, such as the Chianina Ciclostorica in Marciano della Chiana, where cyclists from all over Italy (and abroad) gather for a "vintage style" route, or we could mention Chianina and Syrah in Cortona, an event that celebrates the flavor of this meat in all its forms.

Chianina meat represents the excellence of the Valdichiana area and embodies the history of this piece of Tuscany, in the food and wine and agricultural sector.

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