Syrah, Cortona Doc And Chianti Docg

Wine excellences of Valdichiana Aretina

Syrah is an international vine variety whose origins are uncertain. It is thought that it originated in Iran in the city of Shiraz, while others argue that it was imported for the first time by the Romans from Africa to the city of Syracuse (Syrakousai). Despite its uncertain origins, we can firmly state that this wine is excellent and is one of the most popular grape varieties in Valdichiana Aretina, especially in Cortona. This vine expresses its characteristics to the maximum thanks to the microclimate and the type of Cortona soil.

Over the last few decades, the production of Syrah in this land has constantly increased, so much that most of the wine production in the area regards Syrah. In Cortona we can taste two products closely linked to Syrah, namely Cortona Rosso DOC and Cortona Syrah DOC, wines that fully exploit the flavor of this grape with the unmistakable touch of the Tuscan land of Valdichiana Aretina. We are therefore talking about a fundamental vine in Cortona's wine production, whose importance is also celebrated by an event held here annually, namely the "Chianina and Syrah", a food and wine event that enhances the characteristics of this product with offers of Chianina meat.

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Cortona is also renowned for the production of Vin Santo, the typical Tuscan welcoming liqueur, and excellent white wines.To find out more, you can visit the official website of the Cortona Wines Consortium which is responsible for promoting Cortonese wine production in the world.

However, Valdichiana Aretina is also a land of Chianti DOCG, produced near Castiglion Fiorentino. We are talking about one of the most famous and appreciated wines worldwide, which acquires a particular nuance thanks to the flavor of the land of the Valdichiana Aretina.

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