Rusty Apple Of Valdichiana

A much-loved and common fruit in Valdichiana, but with a ... curious appearance

The rusty apple of Valdichiana Aretina is one of those products as curious to the eye as to the taste.

The particular name of this fruit is due to its “rusty” appearance. Yes, because this apple is similar in color and shape to a common golden apple, but has a sort of external "coat" of darker color, tending to rust color in fact, which covers the product.

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At first glance it seems that the rust is a defect of the apple, like a big stain, but we assure you that once you taste it you will understand that it is not so: its taste is unmatched. The rusty apple of Valdichiana Aretina is deliciously sweet, and has a long shelf life, much appreciated by consumers.


Valdichiana Aretina is the ideal place for the production of this tasty fruit thanks to the microclimate of this territory, unique in Italy, which allows the creation of this layer of rust. And why does this sort of coat form? This curious phenomenon is due to the thermal shock that occurs between April and May in Valdichiana Aretina, when the water that forms on the apples is dried by the Spring sun.

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