Prosciutto Toscano Dop

This fantastic Tuscan product is perfect for your meal

One of the most popular products in Valdichiana Aretina is the Prosciutto Toscano DOP, a kind of ham produced only in Tuscany, a product of the highest quality that has been present for centuries here and in the rest of this region. We have proof of the existence of Tuscan ham and a strict production regulation thanks to the quadernucci della Grascia, namely small notebooks where both the Tuscan producers of ham and the processing methods they had to follow were noted. These notebooks were controlled by established institutions which  also kept track of product sales.

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All this tells us of the great importance that Tuscan ham has had for many centuries and thanks to this strong link with the territory, demonstrated by these notebooks, it has been possible to make this product a DOP mark of this splendid region. In Valdichiana Aretina, the production of ham is extensive and the territory offers products with a thousand shades of flavors, thanks to the quality of the land and the feeding of the pigs who can eat high quality raw materials here. Furthermore, we must not forget the nutritional properties of Tuscan ham, rich in high quality proteins, minerals and vitamins of group B. Furthermore, the easy digestibility of this product makes it suitable for any type of diet. 

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