Archaeological Park Of Sodo In Cortona

A place to discover the ancient past of Cortona

In addition to the museum exhibition, the Sodo Archaeological Park preserves finds that prove the antiquity of Cortona and the first local settlements. Two "meloni" (a type of mound) are preserved here; they are dated from the Archaic period. Significant is the tumulus of the Sodo, with its spectacular terrace-staircase decorated with sculptural groups and architectural elements of orientalizing style.

You can also visit the "tanella" (another type of mound) of Pythagoras, also known as the "Tomb of Pythagoras", a famous monument known to travelers since 1500, or you can even visit the tanella Angori or the tomb of Mezzavia. Above this area, in the Cortona mountains, a dense network of cobbled streets dating back to the Roman period has recently been recovered.

Finally, on the side of Lake Trasimeno there are the notable remains of the late republican and imperial Villa of Ossaia.

It is possible to visit the park with an archaeological trekking through the paths or by bike.

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Address: Loc. Sodo di Cortona
Telephone: 0575 612786



Winter opening hours (from October 4th to March 31st): from 10:00 to 14:00. Open Saturday and Sunday

Summer opening hours (from April 1st to October 3rd): from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00. Open every day


Full ticket € 5.00
Reduced ticket € 3.00

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