Flours And Bread Making

The agricultural skills of Valdichiana Aretina and its ancient origins

Valdichiana Aretina is a territory inhabited since ancient times and right from the start the Etruscans populated this territory and understood its agricultural potential, exploiting the quality of the land for the production of the most important food in human history: wheat. Well yes, Valdichiana Aretina has long been the "granary of the Etruscans" and has fed the populations of Tuscany for centuries.

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The wheat that this land produces is transformed today into various products of the highest quality, such as the pasta of the famous Fabianelli company based in Castiglion Fiorentino, which processes products every day thanks to the raw materials of Valdichiana Aretina.

The flour that is produced in this slice of Tuscany is used by important producers, such as Menchetti in Cesa in Valdichiana, for the baking of the famous Tuscan bread, a beloved product with its special recipe that does not involve the use of salt, and tasty and delicious baked goods, such as pizzas, focaccias, traditional desserts and much more.

Both other small local realities manage to convey the passion and love for this land in their products, which allow us all to savor Valdichiana Aretina, namely the purest and most genuine Tuscany, every day.

Cortona Castiglion Fiorentino Foiano della Chiana Marciano della Chiana Civitella in Val di Chiana Monte San Savino Lucignano