Farneta Abbey

In the heart of Valdichiana Aretina, a few kilometers away from Cortona stands the Abbey of Farneta, a structure with ancient origins and unforgettable simplicity.

Built in the distant 9th century A.D. thanks to the efforts of Benedictine monks, the Farneta Abbey shows, with its simplicity, the most genuine traits of Christian faith. The building today still retains great importance for its artistic and architectural qualities.

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Inside the Abbey we find a fresco signed by the famous Renaissance artist Papacello, a Madonna and Child between Saints Sebastian and Rocco, a work of inestimable value which contains a representation of the same Abbey in that period, thus providing us an important historical note and information on the importance of this worshipping place.

The artwork is from 1527 and represents the abbey with two aisles and a bell tower, elements now absent but which have left visible traces to expert eyes. Inside the structure, the crypt is also of considerable importance, divided into three cells and covered by cross vaults in ancient Roman style. The Abbey still maintains a great importance for its spiritual level that comes from its history of Benedictine teachings spreading efforts.

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