Calcione Castle

An estate of 2400 hectares in Lucignano on the border between Arezzo and Siena

The Calcione Castle is located in Lucignano, protected by a private estate of 2400 hectares bordering Arezzo and Siena provinces, it is dotted with skilfully restored residences in full respect of the place's identity.

Given its position, until 1555 the castle served as a military outpost between the two powers; it was subsequently converted to agriculture and forestry, becoming the residence of the Lotterenghi della Stufa family, who still own the estate. In recent years the Castle has opened to the general public by hosting cultural events, artist residences and events.

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Today it is possible to visit its interior spaces, a real museum that houses rare artworks such as the coat of arms created by Luca and Andrea della Robbia, a unique work for its size. It is also possible to stay in the farmhouses within the estate, a safe refuge from the stress of everyday life, ideal for those who want to re-establish contact with nature, among woods, lakes and special outdoor tourism experiences.


Place: Luciginano
Telephone: +39 0575 837153

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