The land of giants at table

Products with astonishing flavors

Valdichiana Aretina is a Tuscan land kissed by sun and luck. Since ancient times, this territory has been recognized as one of the best in Tuscany, fertile and vigorous, capable of giving wonderful fruits to the peoples who lived here. Large quantities of crops and of excellent quality, agriculture in Valdichiana Aretina has been practiced for millennia. Here the Etruscans immediately began to work the land and shape the territory, making this area their "granary". The genuineness and quality of the Tuscan land in Valdichiana Aretina made the fortune of the Etruscans, the Romans and all those who came in these lands. Today there are still farms, cultivated fields and much more in these lands. What do we inherit from the past?

The ancient agricultural tradition of Valdichiana Aretina is closely linked to the famous Chianina

In the fields of Valdichiana, on the border with Umbria, there is a unique animal in the world, which has always been considered the agricultural engine of the area and has helped farmers to work the land. We are talking about the famous Chianina, the breed of calves with a pearly white coat native of Valdichiana, it is among the largest bovine species in the world. This animal is also known for being used as the cut of Florentine steak. The goodness of its meat is unforgettable and its uses are many: steaks, hamburgers, ragu, and much more. Tasting Chianina meat for the first time is like awakening a drowsy taste: give it a try.

Tuscan quality in Valdichiana Aretina: Pecorino Toscano DOP and Prosciutto Toscano DOP

In the ancient Etruscan granary there are traces of ancient and tasty products, such as Pecorino Toscano DOP. This type of pecorino cheese boasts very ancient origins, it is known that the Etruscans already traded forms of pecorino with other populations, including the Romans. Pecorino Toscano has a unique flavor that taste like Tuscany, and in Valdichiana Aretina it takes on particular and simply delicious nuances. The same goes for Prosciutto Toscano DOP, another regional excellence that has unique flavors here. What is the secret of these unique flavors? It lies in the quality of the feed and herbs in Valdichiana Aretina. The Tuscan hills here offer animals the highest quality nourishments and each derivative product has a strong, marked and above all genuine taste.

The famous porchetta of Monte San Savino

An incredible excellent product, known throughout Italy and around the world. A unique product famous for its unmistakable taste and its quality. Porchetta, in Monte San Savino, best expresses what it is: a delicious, tremendously tasty food, with a slightly crunchy but crumbly crust, which melts in mouth in an explosion of flavors and smells that can hardly be forgotten. Anyone who comes to visit Valdichiana Aretina area should take a moment for a gourmet stop in the borgo of Monte San Savino. Seriously, even a single sandwich with local porchetta is worth a trip of 200 km.

Pasta and bread from Valdichiana Aretina

As already mentioned, in such a fertile territory defined as the granary of ancient Etruscans, products derived from wheat certainly cannot be missing. In Valdichiana Aretina there is absolute excellence in the pasta sector, with the famous Fabianelli, which exports its products all over the world. The quality of the wheat in this area also translates into flours of the highest quality. The Menchetti company, which has its headquarters in these lands, sells delicious products such as bread, pizza, focaccia, sandwiches etc. thanks to the goodness and genuineness of local flours.

This is just a taste of Valdichiana Aretina, which still has many other products to discover, acknowledge and enjoy together. Traveling in these lands is certainly an unforgettable experience for lovers of gourmet food. Valdichiana Aretina awaits you at table!